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Name: Arnold Garry Galiwango
Nationality: Ugandan
Languages: English, Luganda
Marital Status: Single
Children: None

I was born and raised in Mukono, a small town in a country called Uganda (East Africa). 
My passion lies in technology more specially mobile technology. I love helping and educating, same reason I'm a Computer Science/IT teacher. This blog exists because I love sharing tech knowledge, how to do this and that, basically the how to go about with the devices we hold.
Another thing I have interest in may be music, Christian Rap/Hiphop. I have a separate blog for that though.

Catch Me On:
Facebook: Arnold Garry Galiwango
Twitter: @ArnoldGarry256
Instagram: @ArnoldGarry256
WhatsApp: +256700725006  
Email: garryarnold70@gmail.com

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